Our Vision

To provide clients access to cosmetic and dental procedures without borders.

Our Values

We will act in a way that demonstrates mutual recognition and respect of values.

We will be accessible and committed to transparency in our communication.

We will demonstrate our personal choice to be honest, moral and ethical in our standard of business and surround ourselves with people who care deeply about integrity.

We will respect each person’s diversity, culture and beliefs.

Preferred Suppliers

We have some preferred suppliers that we want to let you know about. Our preferred suppliers include:

  • Your Personal Travel Manager, Melanie Harrop
  • Dental Tourism Insurance with Go Insurance
  • Travel Insurance with Go Insurance (alternatively Allianz)
  • Finance options with MAC credit for your cosmetic and dental procedure including travel expenses

Renew Cosmetic and Dental international does not accept any liability if you decide to use any of our preferred suppliers.

Do you want to look and feel more beautiful then ever before?