Cosmetic Pre-Fitness Assessment

For your peace of mind, you can download the BIMC Hospital Pre Fitness form and see your GP to ensure that it is completed correctly.

Additional blood tests and x-rays will also be required and your GP can order these for you. Please see below.


BIMC Pre Operative Medical Evaluation

Blood Tests/ECGs/Radiology Investigations

The standard laboratory test and imaging for medical assessment are:

– Full blood count (FBC)
– Kidney function test (BUN/Creatinine serum)
– Coagulation panel (PT/APTT)
– Blood Glucose
– Chest X-ray
– Breast USG for breast procedure

Additional test will be added by Anaesthesiologist based on current and past medical problems at BIMC Hospital.


Please note you may be required to have some or all of these test done again in Bali and this will be up to your surgeon’s discretion.

Medical Info Dropbox

So that you can communicate your medical results with BIMC hospital, we recommend that you use Medical Info Dropbox ( which has bank level encryption.

Medical Info Dropbox enables you to upload a range of file formats into a a sub directory.  You control access via member permission settings, which you can enable or disable at anytime. You can also free text your medications, allergies and add in any additional notes for your own reference within Medical Info Dropbox.


For contact details at BIMC, please see below.

Cosmetic Procedures

Purpose of Correspondence  BIMC Email
Pre Fitness and quote Dr Liana — Cosmedic Centre /


Dental Procedures

Purpose of Correspondence  BIMC Email
Pre Fitness and quote Dental Team


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Dental Pre-Fitness Assessment

Depending on your dental procedure, a 3D x-ray may be required and this will be advised by your dentist.  You can have your x-ray done in Australia and then upload into the Medical Info Dropbox for the dental team’s review.

Attached is BIMC medical and consent form. You can see your GP to have this completed to discuss any concerns that you may have before undergoing any dental procedure. If you are on any medication, including blood thinners, please ensure you see your GP and discuss this before considering any treatment.

You will be required to present the medical consent form on arrival to the Dental Team at BIMC hospital.

Other dental x-rays will be advised by your Dentist at BIMC based on your procedure.


2017 02 BIMC Dental Assessment Form MR41 patient details for dental

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