Male breast reduction can correct over developed or enlarged breasts that can occur at any age in men. Male breast surgery is the surgical correction of gynecomastia, a common condition that is characterised by the over-development of male breast tissue. Enlargement can be seen in one or both breasts, and is more common in teenagers and older men.

Men like women have breast tissues, but they are underdeveloped due to specific male hormones. Gynecomastia is characterised by excess fat or glandular tissue or both, and can develop when there is an imbalance in these hormones. Other reasons for the abnormal growth of breast include birth defects, obesity, certain diseases like liver failure and cancer, excess alcohol, certain drugs like anabolic steroids, or sagging skin due to sudden weight loss.

Breast enlargement in males may be an emotional burden and can impair self-confidence. Reduction mammaplasty is an option to not only reduce the size of breasts, but also improve the shape.

Breast Reduction (male)

2 nights in hospital

Minimum Recovery 12 nights

In Bali at resort/hotel post procedure

Procedure only *From: AUD $6,910.00

Procedure + resort/hotel (12 nights) + flights *From AUD:

  • Luxury $10,820.00
  • Premium $9,380.00
  • Budget $8,650.00

*Conditions apply and prices are subject to change due to availability, rates of exchange and are valid to September/October 2017. 

What’s included/excluded

  • Surgeon, anaesthesiologist and team fee
  • Room admission 1-2 days (depend on the surgery)
  • Medication and consumables in surgery
  • Medication on discharge
  • Hospital meals during your admission
  • Post-op consultation prior to departure
  • Initial consultation fee (IDR 750.000)
  • Additional room night (IDR 2.000.000/night)
  • Additional ICU/HDU (IDR 2.000.000/night)
  • Medication or tests non surgery related
  • Prostheses or implants
  • Lab test or other examination (ECG/Radiology) for fitness of surgery assessment (approx. IDR 1.000.000 – IDR 4.000.000)
  • Accommodation pre-surgery and any additional nights’ post-surgery
  • Transfers to and from hospital

Restrictions and Potential Risks

Clients should obtain from their GP and/or other healthcare professionals medical advice including about the potential risks of surgical or invasive procedures.

Temporary pain, swelling, bruising, infection, scarring, fluid build up (seroma), bleeding and haematoma, numbness, Keloid scarring, reaction to anaesthesia and medications.

You must be over the age of 18 years of age and may require parental or guardian consent if you are under the age of 20.

Temporary or permanent change in nipple sensation (hypersensitive or under sensitive).

Poor healing or Necrosis (common with smokers).

Loose skin, uneven breast contour, irregular pigmentation, fluid loss or accumulation (with liposuction).

If you have a medical condition including heart, diabetes, high blood pressure or lost a significant amount of weight loss in the past 6 months, you may not be eligible for surgery and should seek medical advice from your treating health practitioner before proceeding.

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