Renew will help arrange your Dental procedure and travel plans to Bali performed by qualified dentists at BIMC Hospital, Nusa Dua.

Dental Procedures

Let us help you to make your smile beautiful.

Dental Crowns

Are you wanting to restore the shape, size and strength of your teeth?  Why not consider a dental crown whilst on holidays in Bali!

Dental Bridges

Do you have missing teeth and what to fill the gaps to smile more confidently?  Have you thought about dental bridges?

Dental Veneers (porcelain)

Are you after that “Hollywood” smile?  If you want your teeth to look perfect, why not consider dental veneers?

Fixed Set of Teeth (Dentures)

Is it time that you upgraded or replaced your dentures? Do you want to enhance your smile? Why not think about a holiday to Bali?

Root Canal with Crown

Are you sick of being in pain and in need of a root canal?  Have you considered a trip to Bali to have treatment and a holiday to recover?

Teeth Whitening

Do you want a brighter smile?  Why not have your teeth whitened whilst you are on a tropical island?

Want to know where you will be staying?

Do you want to look and feel more beautiful then ever before?