Holiday Options

Please advise if you are interested in any holiday options with our preferred travel provider, you can choose from:

  • Full day tour options
  • Half day tour options
  • Bali experiences

You may want to consider arriving 1-2 days earlier than your initial consultation date so that you can enjoy some of the tour options available as you may be limited to tour options post-procedure.

It is important that if you are considering any day trips or Bali Experience options, after your surgery or during your dental treatment that you have discussed this with your surgeon/dentist and gained consent before going on any tours.  

By undertaking tours this may affect the outcome of your procedure/dental treatment if medical advice is not followed.  In the event that you decide to do a tour, you release Renew Cosmetic and Dental International or our preferred travel provider of any liability.

Please refer to the links below for holiday options:

Full Day Tours


Half Day Tours


Bali Experiences

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